Sociology family diversity

Major corporations and small businesses look for the job applicants with the following skills. These are functional skills and can be transferred from one setting to another.

Sociology family diversity

This is because it performs certain functions for that society — creating a mobile workforce, socialising children into the society and creating the stable adult relationships needed in a modern society and economy.

The traditional nuclear family is the only correct and normal type of family — with a mother, father and children and clear cut roles between the male and female.

This family type is the foundation of society and is it declines then society itself will be in danger. The modern decline of this traditional family is the cause of social problems and social breakdown — drugs, crime, disrespect for authority etc.

It also leads Sociology family diversity welfare benefit dependency. Return to traditional values and the traditional nuclear family.

Others challenge their claim that children of lone parents are more prone to crime and poor behaviour — this depends on other factors like neighbourhood and environment not on the Sociology family diversity that the child has one parent.

Most people still live in a nuclear family headed by a married couple. Most people still marry and then have children Most marriages go on until one partner dies ie do not end in divorce Even divorcees tend to re-marry and set up another nuclear family Couples who co-habit usually intend to marry eventually — and usually do when they have children So the traditional nuclear family still dominates — family change and variety has been exaggerated.

Each one has a slightly different family structure eg Asian families tend to have more extended families, Caribbean families more female headed families. She means that at different stages in their life people have different choices to make — the choices they make then decided the kinds of families we have e.

Each decisions will lead to a different kind of life and a different kind of family situation. This view is supported by other sociologists like Holdsworth and Morgan.

Their view is that: The real reasons will be found in their values and attitudes and how they see their relationships with other members of the family.

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Human beings decide their own future and have free will to make choices. So to understand what they do you have to understand their ideas, beliefs and experiences. However, Morgan does accept that a lot of these values come form the wider society around us —if the dominant view is that men and women should now be equal then this will be reflected in the family relationships.

The important point is that what people believe about the family and how it should be is what decides the kinds of families we have. This gives people more choices about how they live their lives than ever before — and so people increasingly freely CHOOSE the kinds of relationships and families they wish to live in.

This in turn leads to much greater diversity in family types — the traditional nuclear family is no longer dominant. Freedom of choice rules. He argues that — The main reason why men and women have relationships today is not simply to reproduce have children but it is based more on love and intimacy made possible by contraception.

Women have become more independent because of work, education and feminists values.

Attitude and behavior change

You can now choose to live together, to break up, to have or not have children as you please and not have the pressures of tradition or social expectation. The downside — relationships are now less stable because people demand so much more from them than they used to.

In the past social expectations and traditions pretty well determined your life for you —you were expected to get marries, have children, stay married.

Today these expectations have gone and we have more freedom of choice in our lives. The downside is that we are also now freer to break up these relationships and family ties — so families are now more unstable. Equality has particularly give more choice to women — they are no longer simply the junior partner in the family.

It is mainly women who have changed the family and rejected the traditional housewife and child carer roles. Because their expectations are so much greater they are more willing to divorce if they are unsatisfied — and often re-marry.

This is a long term but permanent change. This may lead to less stable families — because people who are dissatisfied will break up their families and relationships and seek new ones.

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This is not bad but an expression of personal choicer and preference.Marketable Skills Learned from Sociology. What Marketable Skills Do Sociology Students Acquire? Major corporations and small businesses look for the job applicants with the following skills. Career Opportunities.

Sociology family diversity

Sociology graduates are well prepared for working in social agencies and programs related to social servic­es such as child welfare, family counseling, community development, mental hospitals, drug treatment, and education.

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The lines “Ignores family diversity in capitalist society, and that many women now work full time as well” and “Marxism ignore the benefits of nuclear family e.g.

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