Qantas recommendation

Qantas employs a full-time Diversity Coordinator, who is responsible for the programme.

Qantas recommendation

Qantas should look to Air New Zealand - who in were facing a surprisingly similar situation - as a guide. My research on the factors that are required for organisations to effectively execute their plans and strategies lead to the conclusion that unless the enterprise can achieve organisational alignment in both planning and implementation, it will be severely handicapped in its ability to introduce change.

Moreover, the various employee groups will be far more occupied tending to their own Qantas recommendation interests and employee engagement and morale will sink to even lower levels.

What Qantas need to do to get themselves out of trouble This can be summarised as follows: Everyone understands where the organisation is now Everyone understands the destination and the journey Everyone understands their role in getting there Everyone understands where the organisation is now In a study undertaken by the Business Council of Australia, the four key drivers of organisational change were listed as: A fear of imminent death of the enterprise A new leader took charge The enterprise anticipated threats A dramatic opportunity appeared Init was apparent to everyone in New Zealand that Air New Zealand would fold without government intervention.

Qantas recommendation

In the disputes that Qantas has with its pilots, baggage handlers and engineers, it is clearly apparent that the unions have a very different perspective of where Qantas is now compared to that of Qantas management. Unlike the Air New Zealand situation inthere is no consensus at Qantas on the current reality and that makes the gathering of support for the new strategy virtually impossible to achieve.

Management would not seem to have consulted with and involved their employees at the front-line of the organisation in its development.

Thus the new strategy is owned by management and disowned by those who will be charged with its detailed implementation. In my experience, whatever the longer term strategy may be, it must also focus on improving what the company currently does.

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In total contrast, Air New Zealand did not have the luxury of an off-shore fall-back option. If Air New Zealand was to survive and prosper, it had to do much better what it already did.

Among Air New Zealanders, everyone understands the destination and the journey. We will work together as a great team committed to the growth and vitality of our company and New Zealand Our workplaces will be fun, energising and where everyone can make a difference Everyone understands their role in getting there For many years now, Qantas have pursued a policy of cost-cutting that has frequently involved out-sourcing overseas - whether it is IT or engineering services.

Thus many employees must even question whether they have a role to play under the new business model. Without it, it is extremely difficult to manage change.

It would appear that Qantas is having a great deal of difficulty in convincing its workforce of the necessity of the changes that it is proposing. Without organisational alignment, change is hard to introduce and for leadership to be effective, there must be clear goals to be achieved and the capacity to lead the changes necessary to achieve them.

So is Rob Fyfe. There were two alternatives. Shortly after taking over as CEO, Fyfe, himself a trained aircraft engineer, decided to visit the heavy maintenance hanger and talk with the engineers directly.


By all accounts the exchange of views was pretty fiery but after about 30 minutes, one engineer who had been most aggressive said to Fyfe. Somehow, I cannot see Alan Joyce or other members of Qantas management acting in a similar fashion.

Qantas recommendation

Communication is the Central Nervous System of any organisation - damage it and paralysis is the result Fyfe works once a month in a different part of Air New Zealand.CASE STUDY ASSESSMENT 2: QANTAS INTERNATIONAL INTRODUCTION All over the nation, news of Qantas’ restructuring of Qantas International (QI) has reached ears of many Australians and many have voiced out their concerns on the matter.

MarketScreener Homepage > Equities > AUSTRALIAN SECURITIES EXCHANGE LIMITED > Qantas Airways Limited QAN AUQAN2 QANTAS AIRWAYS LIMITED (QAN) Add to my list. The long term vision of the Qantas Group is to operate Qantas as the best premium airline of the world and to operate Jetstar as the best low fare airline of the world (Qantas Airways Limited Fact File ).

Qantas (acronym for "Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services") is the flag carrier and largest airline of Australia. It was founded on November 16, in Winston, Queensland, Australia by Paul McGinness, Hudson Fysh, Fergus McMaster and Arthur Baird, being one of the oldest airlines.

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