Hcc scholarship essay

The deadline has passed to apply for the scholarship offered in Fallbut be prepared for Spring !

Hcc scholarship essay

Academic Scholarships Scholarships In addition to federal and state aid, scholarships are a great way to offset all or part of the cost of your education. We encourage you to learn about the different types of scholarships and use this webpage as a resource.

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Although many opportunities are on this page, we encourage you to seek scholarships from other sources as well. Types of Scholarships Awarded by Financial Aid This scholarship is automatically awarded to students who meet all five of the criteria below.

Enroll in 9 semester credit hours or more. Are new students or have a cumulative GPA of greater than 2. Students will retain the Impact Scholarship as long as they meet all criteria elements.

New students have a clean slate, but will lose the scholarship upon posting a GPA lower than 2. For example, if you have other aid covering tuition, fees and books, the scholarship amount will be adjusted according to any remaining balance after that aid is applied. The Chancellor Scholarship encourages very high performing students to finish out their degree at HCC.

Have more than 30 semester credit hours recorded at HCC. As long as cumulative GPA remains at 4. Eligibility and award amounts are determined by the Honors College.

With one application, applicants will be considered for every scholarship they are eligible to receive.

Hcc scholarship essay

Most scholarships require that the student be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at HCC per semester; many require enrollment in 9 or 12 credit hours per semester.

Some scholarships have specific requirements, such as the submission of a portfolio. If you are considered for one of these scholarships, you will be contacted to provide the proper documentation or schedule an audition.

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Please do not send information in advance. If you have any questions regarding the scholarships, please contact the HCC Foundation at or by email at foundation hccsfoundation. The following steps are required for Private Scholarships. The donor will need to send the scholarship check to: How to find and apply for scholarships.An application through the HCC Foundation Scholarship program does not take the place of a HCC Financial Aid application.

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For information about financial aid, speak with the HCC Financial Aid Office at option # 2. Scholarship Essay Upload. PLEASE READ: Your scholarship essay should be no longer than two typed pages, double-spaced in point font with one-inch margins on all sides.

Essays and letters of recommendation are important!

Hcc scholarship essay

Applying for a scholarship. HCC Foundation scholarships are intended for students who will be degree-seeking during the term(s) for which the scholarship applies. In order to apply, you must have a Hillsborough Community College student ID.

The scholarship application process is . HCC is proud to recognize success in the field of communications by presenting one or more students with a scholarship for their passion for health care. The award range of .

who commit an act of academic dishonesty while applying for a scholarship, including HCC scholarships, HCC Foundation scholarships, or private scholarships, may have their application invalidated and/or may be subject to disciplinary action.

Type a brief narrative/essay through the on-line application. Be sure to: 1. Describe academic.

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The Houston Community College Foundation helps HCC students succeed by providing scholarships and grants. Home > Applying & Paying > Financial Aid > Academic Scholarships. Many students avoid scholarships that require essays.

Yes, they do take more effort, but once you have several essay applications under your belt, the .

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