Emily dickinson 712 analysis essays

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Emily dickinson 712 analysis essays

Together they published a second group of inand Todd alone edited a third series in Unfortunately, Todd and Colonel Higginson continued the practice of revision that had begun with the first seven published poems, smoothing the rhymes and meter, revising the diction, and generally regularizing the poetry.

Johnson began his work of editing, arranging, and presenting the text. Inhe produced the variorum edition, 1, poems arranged in an attempt at chronological order, given such evidence as handwriting changes and incorporation of the poems in letters, and including all variations of the poems.

Inhe chose one form of each poem as the final version and published the resulting collection as The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson. His job was thorough, diligent, and imaginative.

This is not to say, however, that his decisions about dates or choices among variants must be taken as final. Many scholars have other opinions, and since Dickinson herself apparently did not make final choices, there is no reason to accept every decision Johnson made.

Like any poet, that is, she has limitations; and because her poetry is so consistent throughout her life, those limitations may be more obvious than in a poet who changes more noticeably. They do not, however, diminish her stature. If she found her place in American literature only decades after her death, it is a place she will not forfeit.

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Her importance is, of course, partly historical: With Whitman she changed the shape and direction of American poetry, creating and fulfilling poetic potentials that make her a poet beyond her century. Her importance, however, is much greater than that. The intensity with which she converted emotional loss and intellectual questioning into art, the wit and energy of her work, mark the body of her poetry as among the finest America has yet produced.

Its motifs often recur: Such abstractions do not, however, indicate the broad and rich changes that Dickinson obliquely rings on the truths she tells. Formally, her poetry plays endless variations on the Protestant hymn meters that she knew from her youthful experiences in church.

Her reading in contemporary poetry was limited, and the form she knew best was the iambic of hymns: That static form, however, could not contain the energy of her work, and the rhythms and rhymes are varied, upset, and broken to accommodate the feeling of her lines.

The predictable patterns of hymns were not for Dickinson, who delighted in off-rhyme, consonance, and, less frequently, eye-rhyme. Although she was always a poet of definition, straightforward definition was too direct for her: The riddle is based on an extended metaphor; the answer to the riddle, a train, is compared to a horse; but in the poem both tenor train and vehicle horse are unstated.

Each is presented in a couplet, but even in those pairs of lines, Dickinson manages to disconcert her reader.

Emily dickinson 712 analysis essays

It is not death, for the persona is standing upright, the difference between life and death reduced to one of posture. Moreover, the notion of the bells sticking out their tongues suggests their contemptuous attitude toward humankind. While accomplishing this, Dickinson has also begun her inclusion of sense data, pervasive in the first part of the poem, so that the confrontation is not only intellectual and emotional but physical as well.

The second third of the poem changes the proportions. Although the experience is not actually any of the four things she has mentioned above, it is like them all; but now death, the first, is given seven lines, night three, frost only two, and fire is squeezed out altogether.

Finally, in the last stanza, the metaphor shifts completely, and the experience is compared to something new: Most important, there is neither chance nor means of rescue; there is no report of land.

Any of these conditions would justify despair, but for the poet, this climatic experience is so chaotic that even despair is not justified, for there is no word of land to despair of reaching.

Whether her work looks inward or outward, the subject matter is a confrontation leading to awareness, and part of the terror is that for Dickinson there is never any mediating middle ground; she confronts herself in relation to an abyss beyond.

There is no society, no community to make that experience palatable in any but the most grotesque sense of the word, the awful tasting of uncontrollable fear.

Emily dickinson 712 analysis essays

The customary movement in her explicitly religious poetry is from apparent affirmation to resounding doubt. His life is so fine that he has hidden it from humans who are unworthy. The second stanza offers two more justifications: He is playing with people, and one will be that much happier at the blissful surprise one has earned.

Her transformation of the meter and rhythm of hymns into her own songs combines with the overt questioning of the ultimate meaning of her existence to make her work religious. If God is Father, he is also Burglar. If God in his omnipotence finds it easy to invent a life, in his caprice he finds it just as easy to leave one out.- Analysis of Emily Dickinson's The Bustle in a House The Bustle in a House is a poem by Emily Dickinson about the painful loss one feels after the death of a loved one.

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