An analysis of getting information of the pony express

Ponyboy is fourteen, is our narrator, and has a ton to say about himself and his world.

An analysis of getting information of the pony express

The relentless drive to reduce business timeframes is making for strange new bedfellows. You might feel data warehouse DW and business intelligence BI are far afield of business rules. Ross The relentless drive to reduce business timeframes is making for strange new bedfellows these days.

Now you might feel DW and BI are far afield of business rules. The thinking is that if you want more pay-back and direct use of the DW, the data it contains must be as up-to-date as possible, even up to the minute.

However, as Richard Hackathorn points out in a recent article, [1] the problem is that "managers continue to struggle with the issue of how lower data latency can be of value to the business.

Hackathorn discusses a very useful tool to explore this. As illustrated in Figure 1, there are three milestones within that elapsed time period: The Latency Curve There are three corresponding kinds of latency, as follows: This is where active or real-time DW really focuses -- how you get data from operational sources into the DW fast, with all the cleansing, synthesis, and consolidation inevitably required.

The assumption is that there must be some value-add in analyzing the data -- this is where BI and analytic tools come to bear.

For me, this gets to the most interesting part. First, the action to be taken should not be something trivial -- for example, merely reporting the results of the consolidation and analysis. Such focus brings us right back to the problem of trying to assess the value of the data itself.

An analysis of getting information of the pony express

Rather, the focus needs to be on some better-informed decision you make as a result. As Neil Raden and James Taylor put it, "Making information more readily available is important, but making better decisions based on information is what pays the bills.

An analysis of getting information of the pony express Minor fire alarm work includes projects that with up to six existing devices.
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As discussed in my September column, [3] meaningful analysis of ROI requires staying focused on the volume of the decision -- not the kind of decision per se. For example, the decision might have to do with cross-sell or up-sell opportunities, or proactive problem resolution, or optimal pricing for a given type of business transaction So the fundamental question is how well you deploy analytical insight from data you capture back into the business as operational decisions.

Most organizations have no automated infrastructure to conduct such deployment in any high-volume, rapid, repeatable fashion. You can spend all the money you want on improving the timeliness of data capture and analysis, but if the resulting insight has no quick operational deployment, what have you really gained?

Hackathorn correctly writes, "… decision latency will increasingly become the limiting factor in improving response latency. Specifically, insights arising through analysis of data generally go in one of either two directions for decision deployment, as follows.

The insights are fed to operational business people to act on directly. Without any real infrastructure, the volume and pace are overwhelming. Errors, delays, and lost opportunities are inevitable -- and quite costly at scale.

An analysis of getting information of the pony express

That subjects them to all the usual problems of backlogs and priorities. Indeed, business rules and rule technologies offer a ready, proven solution to decision latency.

The potential business value is suggested in Figure 2. How much does your organization currently spend on DW or BI? Whatever the answer, I believe it should be spending at least that much on business rules.Consider that, in , a pony express rider carried up to 1, messages weighing no more than ¼ ounce from New York to San Francisco.

The journey took 10 days and carried the outrageous waiting for digital forensic analysis at police labs. The amount of data collected and required to be forensically analyzed creates several pain points. In the early s, the Pony Express passed through Sweetwater County during the height of its service.

As the main source of information from coast to coast, riders accessed a series of relay stations along a central trail in the area. - Pony Express On April 3rd, , the Pony Express started.

The first rider named Henry Wallace left St. Joseph, Missouri.

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On April 13th the last rider reached Sacramento, California. The Pony Express eventually ended when telegraph lines were extended to the coast providing dots and dashes of instantaneous communication (Chiaventone 28). According to Fred Reinfeld’s “Pony Express,” in half a million Americans lived West of the Rocky Mountains; of those Americans , lived in California (Reinfeld 9).

It is a good review of the many books that have been written on the Pony Express and I would recommend it to anyone interested in getting an overview of the literature available in book form. The main thesis of "Orphans Preferred" is clear enough at this level/5(28).

Pony is basically always trying to prove himself, but still maintain his uniqueness and express pride in who he is. Luckily, Mr. Syme, Pony's English teacher, understands what Pony's going through and encourages Pony to write about his life.

An analysis of getting information of the pony express