A discussion and examination of the semiotics in the film juno

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A discussion and examination of the semiotics in the film juno

Note 11 When he was about ten years old, Michelangelo Antonioni began to design puppets and stick figures, but not in the way most children do.

He sketched architectural settings for them, with portals and columns, then daubed these very precise drawings with spots of violent color. He also amused himself by building towns of cardboard or wood, or from his Erector set, and then filling them with little people about whom he made up stories.

Leprohon, Michelangelo Antonioni, p.

A discussion and examination of the semiotics in the film juno

Marcello Mastroianni is quoted as saying: His Life and Art[p. Conversations with Stanley Kauffmann, [p. I do not believe that such a view is related to Antonioni being a particularly unkind or uncivil man. Instead, I believe that actors, as a general rule, do not like to be reified.

A convoluted irony exists insofar as the theme of reification is not limited to the confines of the movie, L'eclisse, but exists in a dimension outside the film itself: As suggested by the actress Monica Vitti, it was not only Vittoria, but Vitti who was transformed into an object: I film di Antonioni erano di Antonioni e basta.

VI Shakespeare | The Year's Work in English Studies | Oxford Academic

Il risultato appartiene soltanto al regista. I contributed, but there was little to contribute: The result belongs only to the director. Perhaps a little frustrating for the actor.

Within the confines of L'eclisse, both the characters and the actors who play their parts are reified. A further act of reification occurs outside the confines of any film when the actor is objectified in a manner divorced from the film itself. Jacqueline Reich has written in Beyond the Latin Lover: Marcello Mastroianni, Masculinity, and Italian Cinema: In many cases, the star even uses his or her name to sell a particular product, be it the film itself, a promotional commodity tie-in, or an unrelated item for consumption to which he or she has attached his or her name.

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What did matter was that he was the hidden, wounded hero, Ulysses washed ashore in blue Hawaii, the golden beaches of Acapulco, or elsewhere, where he would meet his Nausicca, his true value discovered only after some contest or travail from which he would emerge supreme, and a final, celebratory mass would be sung by Presley belting out some tune.

Presley himself is said to have often vomited before appearing on camera in such movies, the repetition of the same lines, the same performance inducing a profound sense of nausea in the poor man.

By the time Delon had made L'eclisse, Delon had obviously not sunk to this pathetic state. The result was such that Delon played the part of a stock market broker who paradoxically is himself transformed into a commodity to be traded on the stage screen of cinematic commerce.

How L'eclisse fared at the box office might ironically influence the stock market value of some hypothetical stock that had a tie-in with the movie. As things turned out, nobody, at least initially, made much money off of L'eclisse, a film which was a notorious box office failure.

A discussion and examination of the semiotics in the film juno

Nonetheless, the number of films that Antonioni has made with a male lead and male perspective such as Il grido approaches parity with those films such as L'eclisse that have a predominantly female point of view.

Je crois qu'il tranchait avec les autres personnages masculins d'Antonioni: Mais je suis fier d'avoir fait L' Eclipse. I believe that Antonioni cut my part as he had with other male characters: Piero was more lively, more amusing, more youthful, always moving about.

Perhaps I brought those qualities to the role!Because of the intense focus on the uses of language in this type of criticism, some critics enlarge their discussion to include an examination of the ways that Sh's drama examines the genre of drama itself.

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Leave a reply. Xiaoyi Yuan. The main object of cognitive film semiotics is to construct unobservable underlying structures shared by all films based on linguistic and semiotic models. I propose that since human beings are symbolic species with the ability of .

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